Beauty Courses Brighton

We are situated very close to Haywards Heath train station so we get a great deal of people coming to our beauty training School from Brighton. There are a number of reasons why people looking for beauty courses in Brighton come to us:

The first is that many people head to Brighton for a beauty course because they live in hove, Shoreham, Portslade or Rottingdean and other locations along the cost. Often Brighton is a very expensive place to park if you are driving but also a very busy place to visit. We find that people enjoy coming to Sassy because it is so easy to get to and as a location it is much more relaxing.

Another reason people look for Brighton beauty courses is that they don’t expect there to be a top quality Beauty Training Academy nearby. We find once people know about us they actually come from Brighton to us as well as from all the surrounding areas.


From Brighton we are just a quick 20 minute train ride and then a 5 minute walk from the station. In many cases we are actually easier to get to than walking right across Brighton or heading into Hove from Elm grove for example. There is a large Waitrose with a café next to the station which is perfect for lunch or a coffee when you arrive.

Beauty Courses

We offer a wide range of courses as you can see from the list below, these courses are available to anyone in Brighton or the surrounding area. Simply get in touch and book your course today.