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Terms and Conditions:


 I formally accept the course/s which I have selected and I am satisfied that they are suitable for me.


I confirm that I am aged 16 years or over. I certify that the information I have supplied is to the best of my knowledge correct. I understand the course fees are nonrefundable- In the event of a genuine reason for a cancellation (proof of which may be required), a request for a transfer may be made at the discretion of Sassy Training Academy.


I understand that in the event that my course needs to be cancelled for reasons beyond Sassy Training Academy’s control, e.g. tutor sickness, Sassy Training Academy will endeavour to give students at least 24 hours notice of any cancelation and the course will be transferred to another date.

I understand that Sassy Training Academy requires a minimum attendance of 3 students for every course and if there are less than 2 people on a course Sassy Training Academy reserves the right to offer students alternative dates. 


The Academy is not responsible for any accommodation/travelling costs students may incur as a result of the cancellation of a course. 

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