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Classic Eyelash Extensions; The industry, training and going into business!

Classic Eyelash Extensions; The industry, training and going into business!


Eyelash extensions are one of THE hottest trends in the beauty industry right now. That is why local demand is growing, some members of the public are having them for special occasions like a holiday or wedding and some like to have them as part of their regular beauty regime! Either way, eyelash extensions are booming in the beauty industry!

Individual lashes are added to the clients own natural lash using lash glue for a truly fabulous effect. Clients can achieve anything from dramatically sweeping lashes to a generally thicker and fuller effect. A full set of eyelash extensions generally take up to 2 hours and maintenance takes 30-60 minutes.


There are a number of beauty schools that offer training for eyelash extensions. At Sassy Training Academy we offer students a 2 day course classic eyelash extensions course so you can really get to grips with the process! It’s crazy that Eyelash Extensions have been around since something like 2007 or so….and you can still find 1 day training courses out there.

If you are new to beauty industry and have never had any experience, let alone applying Eyelash Extensions, or you may have a beauty background, then you know it takes a lot of patience and practice to learn such a new intricate skill.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional lash artist and making this something you want to specialise in, then let us take you through all the elements you must know before taking on clients and getting your career off the ground. Once you have completed your course we suggest you must go away and do a minimum number of case studies before you go out into the lash world and start charging, all case studies can be emailed to us so we can keep up to date with your work, we love doing this with our students as the journey doesn’t end with us once you leave! Remember… Practice makes perfect!


Many people now spend money on their beauty regime and eyelash extensions are seriously in demand right now, so it is a great area to go into business!

Once you feel ready to start offering your lash service to the public (remember, do not rush, if you don’t feel confident just keep on practicing until you do!), You can set up your new business up either at home, rent a room or you can be mobile, there are many possibilities.

Remember to practice, practice, practice and take lots of pictures to show future clients. Keep your social media active and promote yourself in your local area!

If you need any extra information or have any questions please do remember to contact us here at Sassy Training Academy, we are always here to help!

You can find out all information on our classic eyelash extensions course here:


The Sassy Training Academy Team x

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