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3 Essential Winter Make Up Tips

While we may have had a long and lovely Summer ( which seems like months ago ), Winter is definitely here and with icy weather being forecast we thought it was time for some top winter make up tips!

Woman standing in snow

There is no doubt winter can be really hard on your skin; the biting winds can have a serious drying effect. Chapped lips and watering eyes don't help either but we have a few little tips to help you not only look good but to look after your skin during the winter too. While winter may be a little tough sometimes let's not forget it is a great time to accessorise; who doesn't love hats, gloves, scarfs and luscious winter coats?

Tip 1

Apply your moisturiser before your base to stop your make up caking up and looking terrible. At this time of year it is better to use a rich cream that hydrates too.

Tip 2

Use a liquid base rather than a powder base application. This will help keep your skin nice and dewy. The cold weather can make your skin dry and using lots of powder can make it look flaky and it can also cling to dry patches.

Tip 3

Use a setting or hydrating spray to keep your make up looking fresh. This will really help it last all day even if you have to be outside. We would recommend Mac Fix Plus or Urban Decay, there is also a very good cheaper alternative from Superdrug called B. The active ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is really hydrating; simply spray it over the top of your makeup to keep your skin feeling fresh all day.

We hope this simple tips will help you or your clients stay looking stunning in the cold weather.

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